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eHealth Consortium - the first international dialogue platform between business, governments and experts for the healthcare system digitalization and improving its efficiency.

The Digital Healthcare Consortium is a response to the challenge of the global crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. It is organized as an international non-government organization that promotes digital healthcare (eHealth) and is the main agency connecting the healthcare and IT industries, as well as specialist in the field of law, politics, science, medicine, and business towards the promotion and development of digital healthcare in Ukraine and abroad. The Consortium creates a motivational environment for its members and builds a transparent civilized platform of informational continuity in pursuit of financial goals.
The main problems of the eHealth industry that the consortium solves:
Information Security
Lack of a reliable unified system and secure information exchange;
Lack of information continuity
Staff shortage;
Lack of a unified IT system
Inability to combine different regions, models and technical requirements in one IT system
Limited development of the industry
Industry development is limited, market development is opaque, high levels of corruption and censorship;
Low level of medical care
Patients receive a low level of medical care, due to the lack of an effective modern mechanism for monitoring and developing the industry;
Personal data security threat
The security of patients' and doctors' personal data is at risk.
The eHealth consortium is the main driver of digital healthcare development in Ukraine and abroad, it sets the trends and directions of the eHealth market.
eHealth Consortium

Consortium Tasks

We set for ourselves those tasks that needs immediate implementation in the light of today, namely:
Digital technologies
Implementation of advanced digital technologies in healthcare;
Technological standarts
Development and approval of the main technological standards that will define the development of digital healthcare in Ukraine;
Innovative solutions
Development of innovative solutions that can form the basis of the county's scientific and technological breakthrough in the digitalization of healthcare, their implementation in the practical field in the form of products, services and projects;
Ensuring the safety of personal data of patients;
Dialogue platform
Creation of high-quality dialogue platform for conducting a politics that unites the experts, consultants, business, and government;
Internal healthcare market
Development of the internal healthcare market- a system of self-financing and self-budgeting funds for people and enterprise workforce;
Medical programs
Creation of a database of case histories, human health statuses;
Ensuring information continuity
Goals and Project Development Vision
goals for 2020-2030 years:

International expert working group

It includes the world's leading experts in healthcare and eHealth, IT and finance, media and law.
Market expansion
Achieving the financial goal of $200M+ / year while the digital healthcare market expands.
Personalized health market
Creation of an internal consortium personalized market for human health as social capital and serving 500M+ patients and healthy people.
Public documents and/or materials

In this section you can familiarize yourself with our contracts, presentations, certificates, extracts and other public documents.
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